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The Trustees collectively are responsible
for the oversight of the Institute. 

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BIMAP began operations in April 1972 with
a goal of providing management training to 
improve national productivity.

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Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity

The Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) was established as a non-profit organization to improve the operational effectiveness of organisations by developing solutions and building the internal capability of our clients. 



 To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management, public and private and to increase national productivity.



BIMAP is an acknowledged leader in management development and workforce performance.


Core Values

Fairness Integrity Respect


Quality Assurance , Research & Information Technology 

The Quality Assurance and Information Technology (QA and IT) Department is responsible for fulfilling the Institutes strategic goals and objectives with relation to Accreditation and Information Technology. The Quality Assurance section of the department is responsible for evaluating the Institute’s courses and programmes to ensure they are fit for purpose and assessing administrative procedures to ensure they fulfill accreditation requirements. The department also creates various institutional policies which are designed to satisfy the requirements towards achieving and maintaining accreditation for the Institute and its programmes. 

The technological arm of the department is concerned with the implementation of the Institute’s strategic goals with respect to technology. One of the major functions of the department is to align the technological objectives of the Institute to its core business - the delivery of training and consulting services. It also functions as a support mechanism for all technological functions of the Institute. These include but are not limited to the monitoring and maintenance of staff and student networks, implementation of software solutions as well as the maintenance of computers and other computerized equipment.  The department also provides technical support to staff and students. 


The training department has Management Counsellors who function as coordinators of the academic programmes such as BIMAP Certificate in Management Studies, BIMAP Diploma in Management Studies and BIMAP Bachelor of Business Administration; to mention a few. Student Affairs is more than part of the department, but rather it is a mandate of the entire department. A primary function of Student Affairs is to enhance the student experience by addressing the varied and evolving needs of students and by serving as the hub for student-centered collaborations, programmes, and services. On any given day, the Training Department will promote and support student development by providing academic counselling and advice, provide quality customer service and care through the services offered all the while facilitating enrolment management by interviewing and registering prospective students on programme options and specialisations.

The Training Department also holds the portfolio of Marketing and Events. The primary function is that of marketing, promotion and advertising of all our training products at the Institute. Additionally, we plan, coordinate and facilitate all events hosted by the Institute. We also work closely with clients and partners to ensure the successful execution of all special events and programmes.


Corporate Services



BIMAP Headquarters



St. Michael BB14007

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Barbados Technological Training Centre

Building 3

Harbour Industrial Park

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