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Course Code: SEM284

This course Computer technology has created a global era in which information can be accessed and transmitted very easily and quickly. As the technology evolved, so too did the law to ensure that there is a system of rules and regulations governing the use of cyberspace. This seminar aims at sensitizing professionals, who transmit and receive information via the internet, to the fundamentals of cyber law. It offers practical solutions that can be applied in the workplace, academic institutions and the home.

The purpose of the seminar is to make the audience aware of the legal implications of actions which may be considered cybercrimes and to familiarize participants with the Computer Misuse Act, and the application of legislation.


Topics covered include:

  • What is Cyber Law?
  • What is Cyber Crime?
  • Cyber Bullying and the Computer Misuse Act
  • Internal and External threats to Computer Systems
  • Illegal Use of Cyberspace







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