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1972 Official Opening

"The Barbados Institute of Management & Productivity (BIMAP) was officially opened by the Rt. Hon. E. W. Barrow, Prime Minister of Barbados, on Tuesday, April 25, 1972. The formal opening came at the end of the first session of training programmes and the graduation of those participating in that first session was marked on that occasion.

BIMAP has now completed its first full year of operations, and has fulfilled the expectations of all those who wished it success on the occasion of the formal opening.

Already, 306 students have graduated from its programmes, and when we consider that only two years ago 384 practising managers in Barbados had received no managerial training whatsoever, it is clear that its impact is already being quantitatively felt. In terms of the quality of the courses offered, the report on the Management Training Division which follows indicates the enthusiasm with which the programmes have been received by the participants themselves, and an opportunity will soon be given for all those involved in the work of BIMAP, whether members, staff or participants in training programmes, to evaluate the impact of those programmes.

Perhaps the greatest indication of the accomplishment of our youthful organization is the fact that membership during the first three months of 1973 has already increased by more than 30% over 1972 as more and more firms see the benefits for themselves of becoming members".


1975 Serving The Business Community

"There are several ways to assess the performance of the Institute in 1975, but the one that attracts a good deal of attention is the progressive strengthening of its programmes' base in serving the business community.

This strengthening is reflected in the retention of its many supporters as members and their growing awareness and confidence in the professional capacity of the Institute in the fields of training, research, consulting and small business counselling".


1982 Success In Expanding Programmes

"BIMAP completed its tenth year of operations in 1982. From a very modest beginning in 1972, BIMAP has been successful in expanding its programmes and services to organizations, public and private, in Barbados and also in the Lesser Developed Countries of the Caribbean.

This progress has been made possible by the on-going support of members, the Government of Barbados, a well trained staff, the generous donations of international aid agencies and the prudent advice of the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council.

BIMAP's programmes and services are now well established in Barbados and other Caribbean islands. We have developed a good reputation for the design and implementation of meaningful programmes which are oriented towards management improvement and development. While these achievements provide a sound foundation for further progress in the future, such progress must be made amid the rapidly changing environment of the 1980's".



1983 Private Sector Programme In Barbados And The Caribbean

"In the year 1983, BIMAP completed its eleventh year of operations. Its programmes and services continued to receive the wide support of members and clients and an appropriate balance between resources and programmes was achieved. While there was an increase in revenue of approximately 32%, long-term stability in the cost of providing training, consulting and counselling to small-scale enterprises was maintained. Action was taken during the year to determine alternative methods of providing a wide range of opportunities for management training to individuals and companies. This initiative was supported by the signing of an Agreement with the United States Agency for International Development Programme over a four (4) year period in Barbados and ten (10) countries of the English speaking Caribbean. This programme integrates the provision of management training and consulting to selected enterprises, large and small, and represents a bold initiative by BIMAP to improve management and productivity in Barbados and the Caribbean".

1984 Continued Expansion "The year 1984 was the start of the third period of expansion at the Institute. The first wave of expansion began in 1974 when the Training, Consulting and Small Business Divisions were fully staffed. The second wave began in 1979 when the Small Business Division was expanded to provide more comprehensive range of services to small-scale enterprises. The present expansion involves the increase of programs and services by the Consulting and Training Divisions, with special emphasis on improving the quality of services offered by these and other Divisions. Underlying each period of expansion was the careful attention which was given to the generation of sufficient revenue to meet expenditures".


Bold Initiatives

"Expansion by the Institute in a year of recession is a bold and risky step. It however symbolizes the kind of initiative which the Institute must at times take to provide programs and services of value to its members and clients".


Quality Programmes and Services

 "Quality in Programmes and Services will be the common thread of all activities at the Institute in the forthcoming years. It will be the target at which all efforts will be aimed".

1988 New Programmes And Services "As the needs of members and clients continued to change, action was initiated during the year to design and implement new programmes to meet these needs. It is envisaged that these changes when fully implemented will influence renewed growth in revenues and expenditures. The generation of and adequate surplus of revenues over expenditures is necessary to facilitate the investment in new programmes and the replacement of obsolete assets.

Cost effective control of expenditures will have a beneficial effect on the level of surplus in future years. Service through quality will remain firmly rooted at the foundation of our activities. It is the basis on which the staunch support of our members and clients has been built; it will be the basis on which their continued support in the years will be programmed".

1994 Strengthening Of Relations With Members "The major performance objectives of the Institute for the year 1994 were improved quality in the delivery of programmes and services, the provision of a wider range of courses, seminars and workshops, the strengthening of relationships with members and clients and the generation of an adequate level of revenue. These objectives were achieved. Courses on the regular and in-company programmes were revised and upgraded, new courses in computer applications and related areas of management were introduced and the annual programme of visits to members was strengthened by the appointment of a Marketing and Customer Service Representative".

1995 A High Level Of Service To Members And Clients "In 1995 the Institute was successful in maintaining the delivery of a high level of service to members and clients. This is reflected in the design and implementation of a wide range of training courses, seminars and management development programmes for a large number of participants and also in the provision of counselling, consulting and advisory services to small, medium and large enterprises".

1997 Strategic Alliance with the University of Surrey was formed. The first intake of 28 persons into the SoM 's MBA programme . The following year the MSc programme was introduced. This programme has grown steadily in the 2006 54 individuals were accepted into MBA and MSc programmes.

2000 BIMAP opens a second office and training facility. The Short Term Training Division relocated to Building No# 3, Harbour Industrial Park.

2002 BIMAP introduces IT training programmes PC maintenance, Repairs, A+ MCSE& MCSA, Network + and Programming Techniques.

2003 BIMAP introduces the BIMAP's 1 year Certificate in Management Studies.

2006 Launches its on-going scholarship programme awarding two student during the 2006 Graduation ceremony. An additional 10 will be offered this coming term.

2007 Expands the Seminar Series and is now offering 24 seminars. 10th Anniversary of the Surrey Alliance. 35th Anniversary Celebrations.

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