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About the Institute

BIMAP is among the leading training institutions in Barbados

The Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP) was established as a non-profit organization to improve the operational effectiveness of organisations by developing solutions and building the internal capability of our clients. 

What We Offer

Human Resource Development

starts 02.03 - 13:00
Suzette Husbands, MSc., DA

This course is designed to provide a framework for assisting employees in the development of their personal and organizational skills, abilities and knowledge.  Participants will focus on the opportunities that are available to them, including coaching, mentoring and succession planning.

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starts 01.29 - 17:30
Dee-Ann Smith, BA, MA

This course introduces students to e-commerce from a management perspective.  It examines the impact of constantly changing technology and the effects on business practice and organizational decision-making. Students will be exposed to an extensive guide for comprehending the operational issues of e-business and will be provided the tools to link theory with practice.

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Systems Analysis and Design

starts 02.03 - 9:00
Price: $725.00
Haseley Straughn, BSc, MBA

This course is designed to give a better understanding and practical knowledge of the entire process by which computerized information systems are developed. The target group includes the ‘technical’ Computer Professionals, the End-Users of information systems, and also Business Analysts − those persons responsible for liaising between the two traditional groups. It takes the systems approach to the development of an information system, while emphasizing the major management issues related to system development.

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How BIMAP Works

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What People Say About Us

The programmes offered are great. I believe more people should invest in taking courses at BIMAP. The instructors are great! They spend extra time with you just to make sure that you understand, during and even after the class. My experience was great and I would encourage others to enroll in a programme at BIMAP.

Anderson Pierre, Former Student