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Business Law

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Shelly-Anne Yarde, BSc, LLB

This course in Business Law is designed to give participants an understanding of general areas of law to include an introduction to contract law and the essential features of contractual agreements. Legislation surrounding the Sale of Goods and the rights and obligations of consumers and merchants are also evaluated.  

Participants in the course are also exposed to the legal contexts surrounding the operation of businesses, partnerships and companies. In addition to the various business relationships, participants will also become acquainted with property law and property sale/purchase transactions, principles of employment law, the nature of the employment relationship and employers’ liability.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Introduce students to the concepts surrounding the law of contract and the rules regulating the forming, upholding and discharge of contracts.
  • Acquaint participants with the various principles of company law.
  • Inform students of the rights and obligations of the consumer.
  • Create an appreciation for the legal principles surrounding employment law and property law.