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Customer Service (Level 2)

starts 09.26 18:00
Francelia Marksman, MSc

This course is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the principles of customer service and the crucial role that quality customer service plays in the success of organizations. The importance of developing personal performance and delivering quality customer service consistently will be emphasized.

Strategies and techniques designed to maintain and exceed customer expectations and thereby enhance customer value and build customer loyalty will be examined. The importance of maintaining a safe and secure working environment will also be explored. 

Topics covered include:-

  • Give Customers a Positive Impression of yourself and your Organisation (Establish effective relationships with customers, Respond appropriately to customers, Communicate information to customers
  • Deliver Reliable Customer Service (Prepare to deal with your customers, Give consistent service to customers, Check customer service delivery
  • Develop Customer Relationships (Build customer confidence in the level of service provided, Meet the ongoing needs and expectations of your customers, Develop the relationship between your customers and your organization
  • Resolve Customer Service Problems (Identify customer service, problems, Implement the solution to customer service problems
  • Maintain a Safe and Secure Working Environment (Maintain personal health and hygiene, Carry out procedures in the event of a fire, Deal with the discovery of suspicious items/packages, Carry out procedures in the event of an accident, Maintain a safe work environment for customers, staff and visitors, Maintain a secure work environment for customers, staff and visitors
  • Develop Personal Performance through Delivering Customer Service (Review performance in your customer service role, Prepare a personal development plan and keep it up to date, Undertake development activities and obtain feedback on your customer service performance).