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Application Process

BIMAP’s courses and programmes are tailored to meet the training needs of employees and employers in every major industry in Barbados and beyond.  3-Month courses are open to those seeking a short-course qualification as well as those wishing to take selected subjects for professional development. 

Programme requirements can be met by a combination of CXC/GCE courses, BIMAP courses and transfer credits from recognized institutions.

Registration Form

You may register for a course or webinar by completing the fillable registration form found below and submitting it via email to: studentaffairs@bimapbb.comYou must complete payment to be confirmed as enrolled in the course. For information on making a payment, please click here.

Summer Camp Registration Form 

Course/Webinar Registration Form 


Programme Application Forms

Certificate in Management Studies (BCMS) Application

Certificate in Management Studies (BCMS) Application- Compressed

Diploma in Management Studies (BDMS) Application

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Application