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BIMAP Corporate Membership Programme

BIMAP’s Corporate Membership Programme was established in April 1972.  The programme has over one hundred companies representing all of the major sectors in Barbados. BIMAP is dedicated to working with public and private sector businesses to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and increase national productivity.   We pursue our mission in part through an open membership policy, which makes all companies interested in improving productivity eligible to become BIMAP members.

Services & Membership Programme

BIMAP provides realistic and best fit solutions based on industry best practices that result in increased efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and long-term sustainability.  BIMAP is an integrated strategy and organizational development institution, specializing in developing and delivering relevant and accessible management education, training, consulting and market research services.  

Three Important Reasons To Become A Corporate Member of BIMAP

Corporate membership provides an opportunity for organisations to:

  1. Stay competitive by developing the competence of their workforce.
  2. Boost their digital footprint through our social media platforms and networking opportunities in the classroom and at BIMAP hosted events.
  3. Increase job satisfaction levels, through continued investment from your orgnisation, staff can have a much higher sense of job satisfaction, which can improve their motivation towards their work.